What you need to know

About Carolyn

by Tim & Kim

The best feedback is rigorous and compassionate. Carolyn’s got this covered.

When Carolyn shines a light on an element of your story that soars or needs boosting, you feel empowered, validated, and inspired. Her expertise in conflict resolution has given her a keen ear for the unspoken story and for the words that will open doors long closed. Carolyn is an open-hearted, clear-eared listener who we want on our every public-speaking foray. As a compelling writer, she is a knitter of words, fashioning award-winning stories, screenplays, and performances that often use the most difficult element of drama — comedy — to make the hard points about the human condition.

Our Favorite Presentation by Carolyn?

Her Moth DC Grand Slam “Happy School Nurse Appreciation Day” about fire drill phobias, evil school nurses, and a 6-year-old boy who overcomes them all. Sold-out performance at the venerable Lincoln Theatre in DC.

Carolyn’s Goal For You

To dive deep into your story, resurface with new truths, and strike an indelible chord of connection with your audience.

The Fine Print About Carolyn

Eloquential founder; writer, editor, and conflict resolution professional; Moth Story winner and Grand Slam finalist; Keats Literary Essay Competition First Place Winner; voice donor for VocalID.org; graduate of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and Duke University.

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