What you need to know

About Tim

by Carolyn & Kim

Don’t let the tweedy editor look on the homepage fool you.

Tim is a mountain man and trekker at heart, with a long list of White Mountains notched in his reporter’s notebook to prove it. If your organization’s message is bogged in the mire, if your writing has lost its North Star, Tim will toss the deadweight from your pack and help you blaze a journey that is clear-cut and unforgettable for your audience and readers.

In addition to a distinguished track record in journalism, Tim has trained some of the nation’s top reporters, writers, and editors. Now it’s your turn.

Our Favorite Presentation by Tim?

His own eulogy; honest and bracing as a Mount Washington winter ascent. (Yeah, he’s done that.)

Tim’s Goal For You

To learn to write and talk tight, choosing words with impact and leaving the laggards.

The Fine Print About Tim

Long-time reporter and editor for the Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau, Newsday, Baltimore Sun; HBO consultant; co-author of the best-seller Capitol Games based on his scoop of the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas story; University of Pennsylvania graduate; longtime Appalachian Mountain Club member.

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