Story and Fire

Strategic Storytelling for your Organization

Storytelling predates words, starting when that first cave dweller rose in the footlights of a Stone Age fire pit and pantomimed to the clan exactly how they were going to bag that mastodon herd at dawn. Urgency, strategy, inspiration — all imparted through story and fire.

Flash forward 11,000 years. The clan is still hungry, but now you have words to ignite your organization’s imagination. You also have cutting-edge neurochemical research showing how the well-told story releases oxytocin to the human brain, spurring people to be more motivated, generous, and empathetic. 

So if you want to flood your clan’s brain with molecules of motivation; if you want to inform, inspire, and change your listeners, you’d better have a good story. Our team at Eloquential will help you write that story and we’ll help you tell it. Your passion will provide the spark.

Our Strategic Storytelling at work: 

  • Dynamic keynote, plenary, and symposium speeches
  • Compelling donor appeals
  • Impactful engagement with your client base
  • Scientific, medical, and legal research presented accessibly and persuasively
  • Pitch-perfect training for your sales team
  • Valedictory and alumni presentations 
  • Powerful Power Points and talking points
  • Therapeutic narratives for medical, meditation, or yoga exercises.