Your Most Important Story:
Page, Stage, and Recording Studio

Support for Writers

To persevere as a writer is to walk an endless tightrope with our eyes blindfolded. The highwire is studded with knots of doubt: will we ever reach the other side? Is our pole helping or hindering? Is the crowd cheering or secretly hoping we’ll fall? And if we do fall, who will catch us and set us firmly back on the wire with renewed purpose and equilibrium?  

At Eloquential, we’ve walked this tightrope and we know it step-by-blindfolded-step. Traversing the distance requires a trained and instinctive firm-footedness with the occasional gravity-defying leap of faith. It requires constructive feedback that is expert, insightful, candid, and kind. Without these, the distance is never breached. It’s an exquisite balancing act fraught with risk and peril. But when we stumble — and we will stumble — recovery is all the more exhilarating.  

To our fellow writers, storytellers, public speakers, and literary performers navigating the void: if you’re stalled, if you’re terrified, if you’ve lost your footing or are seeking inspiration, we’re here to lift the blindfold, launch you, catch you, cushion your landing. And then watch you soar. 

Editorial and presentation coaching from Eloquential: 

  • Polish your work for publication and competition
  • Master the public reading and other narration of your work
  • Prep for Storytelling and Moth-like Events; Spiritual Storytelling; Crafting your Obituary; and other workshops 
  • Train your voice for recording your books and poetry